Themes of Engagement Ceremony Invitation

Engagement ceremony invitation is becoming very popular now a days. It is important to choose the theme of your engagement card carefully. The engagement ceremony is a joyous milestone in a couple’s journey towards marriage.

You can create beautiful invitation cards based on the themes listed below at – Engagement Ceremony Invitation card.

Let us look at some of the themes of the Ring ceremony invitation card:

Floral Theme

This is one of the most popular theme for Engagement invitations. In this theme the card is designed centered around flowers. Colorful and unique flowers can be used to create the Engagement card in floral theme.

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Royal Theme

Another popular theme in which a royal look is given to the engagement card. To give the Royal look special patterns and designs can be used to decorate the card.

Traditional Theme

Traditional theme is particularly famous among Indians. In this theme auspicious symbols can be used to create the card such as Swastik, Kalash, religious prayers etc. The most used color pattern in traditional theme is red and yellow.

Modern Theme

In modern theme latest technological elements are used in the Ring ceremony invitation. Caricatures are becoming increasingly popular among the young generation. Also, QR code can be included in the card to track the location of the venue on the Google Map.

Peacock Theme

If done correctly then Peacock theme based card can look absolutely stunning. This card contains the beautiful images of peacock and its feathers.

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These were some of the most commonly used themes for Engagement card. You should choose a theme that goes with your personal style and cultural values.

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