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How to create Indian Roka ceremony invitation?

Follow the below steps to create a beautiful roka ceremony invitation online in the easiest way possible:-

  1. Choose a roka ceremony invitation template from our trending designs.
  2. Enter the necessary details in the form and click on Submit button.
  3. Download the roka invitation E card in PDF format.

Roka ceremony is one of the first functions that take place during weddings. The roka ceremony may occur during fixing of marriage or few days before the wedding. During the roka ceremony people also conduct ring ceremony.

To invite the guests to the roka function an invitation card is required. We have created amazing roka ceremony card designs according to latest trends that can be used to download E invitation is PDF format. You can also take screenshot of this PDF and share it with your friends in image format.

The E card created using our online roka ceremony invitation card maker can be shared with friends and relatives on WhatsApp status, Facebook status, Email, Facebook post etc. Our free roka ceremony invitation let you create E card within minutes in the easiest way possible.

If you are still looking for your soulmate then you can create beautiful marriage biodata for free with our biodata maker.

WhatsApp Roka Ceremony Invitation template

The roka ceremony templates should be kept short. The roka function card usually contains names of bride and groom, time of function and venue details. You can also include ring photo in your roka invitation if you are having ring ceremony during the function. The roka ceremony invitation wording is kept simple and standard.

The background of the card templates have been carefully chosen to satisfy the taste of all people. Our roka ceremony card background will be loved by people of all age groups and can be used by people of all religions such as Hindu, Muslim, Parsi, Sikh, Gujarati, Jain, Christian etc.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A roka ceremony card is used to invite guests to the roka function, which is one of the first function carried out just after fixing of marriage. It usually contains name of bride and groom, venue and time of function.

It can be created using online tools or using Word. You can also use our free roka ceremony invitation maker to create a beautiful E card within few minutes online.

Now a days physical invitations have become obsolete. The latest trend is to share roka ceremony E invitations online because they are faster, less costly and eco-friendly.

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