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Create beautiful Invitation E card for Muslim wedding and share it with your family and friends on WhatsApp, Facebook etc. Choose a beautiful Muslim wedding card design to create a E invite.

You can include Nikah, Reception etc function details in the wedding card and download the Muslim wedding invitation in PDF format without any watermark.

Thanks for creating beautiful wedding card. All my family members loved it. Also, thanks for delivering within one day on my request.

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Great design and top class service. Thanks for providing multiple edits as per request.

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You have easy process to create wedding card. The price is also very good considering number of pages in wedding card and detailed description.

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How to create Muslim Wedding invitation

Step 1 :- Select a Muslim wedding card design.

Step 2 :-  Complete the payment.

Step 3 :- We will send a form on your email to fill the wedding details within 24 hrs. Fill the form and submit the Nikah details

Step 3 :- You will receive your Muslim wedding invitation card in PDF format and image format on your email within 2 days.

If you have any queries mail us at . We will be happy to help you.

You can share the Muslim invitation card on WhatsApp, Facebook or email with your friends and family. Our Muslim wedding card maker can be used to create Nikah invitation through mobile, laptop or tablet easily.

Muslim Wedding Card Format

Muslim wedding card can be created with our online wedding invitation maker. You can enter details of bride and groom and also details of their family members as given in the form. After entering details select a Muslim invitation card design then click on submit button.

The Nikah date and time is included in the invitation. Other function details such as Reception, Mehndi etc can also be included in our unique Muslim wedding card design.

Our Muslim wedding invitation designs are the best in the market and have reasonable prices. You can trust our expert team to create a beautiful Muslim wedding card. Even after delivery of the card we can make minor changes to the card as per your demand. You can also create free marriage biodata with amazing biodata maker or you can try exclusive designs for Muslim marriage biodata.

As per current trends Video wedding invites are getting popular. You can create Muslim video wedding invitation at – Video invitation maker.

If you want to create Muslim wedding invitation card in Hindi then you can visit- Hindi Wedding card maker.

Muslim wedding card desgin

Our Muslim wedding card design has 4 pages, so that all the information about the wedding and other functions can be included. The number may go upto 5-6 pages if the information is more.

Each page design has its own specific details. We have listed below what detail is included in each page of Muslim wedding invite.

Muslim wedding card Page 1

In the first page of Muslim wedding invitation the names of bride and groom are included. The names should have a large font and should be clearly visible. We have given below a sample of first page.

muslim wedding card

You can also include the Nikah date to give the guests a quick overview of the wedding.

Muslim wedding card Page 2

On the second page Muslim wedding card you can include information about both the families. Also, include the beautiful words to invite the guests to the big day.

You can also include your own wordings for inviting the guests. It is good option to also include the grandparents of bride and groom.

Muslim wedding card Page 3

Third page is very important in a Muslim wedding card format because it include the information about the Nikah and other functions.

It should include the date, time and venue of the functions accurately, so that your guests do not have to face any problem. We have given below the sample of the third page of Nikah wedding card.

If your wedding has more that 2 functions then it is advised to include the functions information two separate pages.

Muslim wedding card Page 4

The fourth page of Muslim wedding invitation card include the names of the family members inviting the guests to the Nikah. Close family member names can be included in this page.

muslim marriage card design

Features of Muslim wedding card maker

Our Muslim wedding card maker is easy to use and have the best designs in the market. Some of its features are listed below:-

  1. Get the wedding invitation card for Muslim wedding in PDF format and HD image format.
  2. The e invite is delivered without any watermark.
  3. You can request multiple edits to the Muslim shadi card even after delivery of the invitation.
  4. The wedding card is designed and created by highly qualified professionals of the wedding industry.

You can also create Engagement ceremony card and Roka Invitation cards with our amazing designs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Enter the wedding details and select a Muslim wedding invitation template. After payment is confirmed we will send you PDF and images of your amazing Muslim wedding card on your email ID within 2 days.

A invitation E-card is similar to physical paper invitation card, only difference is that E-card is shared in PDF or image format online with your friends and family. Whereas, paper invitation card is handed over physically to your friends and family.

Email us at with the payment details and the template. We will check and respond back as soon as possible.

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