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Create wedding card in Hindi language with our online invitation card maker. Choose from the below templates which have been optimized for Indian weddings. We will create and share the Hindi wedding card in PDF format and HD images to provide the best quality online. 

शादी का निमंत्रण पत्र हिंदी भाषा में बनाएं। यह हिंदी वेडिंग ई आमंत्रण आपके परिवार और दोस्तों के साथ व्हाट्सएप, फेसबुक, ईमेल आदि पर ऑनलाइन साझा किया जा सकता है।

Use our Hindi invitation card for wedding to create unique designs. This wedding invitation card in Hind can be shared with your family and friends online on Whatsapp, Facebook, email etc.

Choose Hindi wedding card [Updated Designs for 2024]

Elite Hindi Wedding card – 4 pages
Wedding card design in Hindi – 4 to 6 pages
Mobile wedding card in Hindi – 4 to 6 pages
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Floral Indian Wedding Card Hindi – 4 to 6 pages
Wedding Invitation card in Hindi- 4 to 6 pages
Hindi Wedding card Charming :-  4 to 6 pages
Stunning Hindi wedding card Indian Design- 3 Pages
Wedding Card Hindi Download-   2 pages
Hindi wedding card Indian Design- 1 Page
Premium Wedding Card Hindi Download-   5 pages
Hindi online wedding invitation card – 2 pages
Hindi wedding card Download – 1 page
Create Wedding card in Hindi and Download
Marriage card format in Hindi
Hindi Classic wedding invitation card – 4 pages
Deluxe Hindi wedding invitation card – 4 pages
Hindi wedding invitation card Lavish- 4 pages
Royal Hindi Wedding card :- 2 pages
Blissful Hindi wedding invitation card
Hindi wedding invitation card Ganesh ji – 4 pages
Hindi Golden wedding invitation card – 4 pages
Aesthetic Hindi wedding invitation card
Hindi Video Wedding Invitation Card- Classic
Hindi Video Wedding Invitation Card- Floral
Grand Hindi wedding invitation card – 4 pages
Grand Hindi wedding invitation card – 4 pages
Hindi Floral wedding invitation card – 4 pages
Hindi Majestic wedding invitation card – 5 pages
Hindi Royal wedding invitation card – 4 pages

Hindu wedding Invitation card in Hindi

Hindi wedding invitation card Floret – 4 pages

सुंदर शादी का कार्ड। मेरे परिवार के सभी सदस्यों को यह पसंद आया। साथ ही, मेरे अनुरोध पर एक दिन के भीतर बनाने के लिए धन्यवाद।

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How to create Shadi invitation card in Hindi?

Follow the below steps to create a beautiful shadi invitation card in Hindi :-

Step 1 :- Choose a Hindi wedding card template.

Step 2 :- Complete the payment and you will recieve a link to fill the details of the wedding. Then, you will receive shadi invitation in Hindi on your email within 2 days.

Note :- You will receive the 4 pages of wedding e card having different details. Please scroll below to see sample wedding card with all 4 pages.

If you have any queries mail us at . We will be happy to help you.

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Sample Wedding invitation in Hindi

Invitation card in Hindi can be created with our online marriage invitation maker. You can enter details of bride and groom, wedding function details in Hindi to create beautiful wedding invitation.

The above wedding card design in Hindi can used to create marriage invitation for Brahmin, Maheshwari, Hindu, Baniya, Marwari, Agarwal, Gupta, Muslim, Yadav, Jain, Rajasthani, Brahmin etc communites. You can also create Punjabi wedding invitation card at – Punjabi wedding card.

We have also included a Ganesh wedding invitation with Ganesh logo at the beginning of each page. We put Ganesh ji at the top because Lord Ganesh is worshipped at beginning of any auspicious event in Hindu. At the last page of every e invite a hindi shayari is also included which is trending now a days.

Are you searching for the soulmate of your friend or family member? Then the first thing required will be a marriage biodata. You can download biodata format in Hindi for free – marriage biodata hindi format. Or you can create marriage biodata for free – marriage biodata maker

Marriage card format in hindi

We will share the invitation card in Hindi in 2 formats – PDF format and image format. You can share your Hindi card in any format with your relatives and friends through WhatsApp, Facebook, Email etc.

Our wedding card format allows you to include all the wedding function details in the e invite. You can also include other function details such as Sangeet, Reception, Ring ceremony, Baraat details, Mehndi, Roka ceremony etc.

Our Hindi wedding card format can be used to make shadi card for Hindu, Jain, Yadav, Maheshwari, Agarwal, Gupta, Brahmin etc communities.

Our wedding card maker can be used to create shadi invitation on mobile, laptop or tablet. The process to create the invitation is similar for all three devices. You can also create amazing video invitation card in Hindi from our above samples. These Hindi video invitations contain special animations and sound effects that will make your wedding memorable and unique.

Perfect Shadi invitation card in Hindi

If you are creating a wedding card in Hindi language then you must be creating a Indian wedding invitation. To create a perfect wedding card in Hindi you must take care of the following points:-

  1. The name of bride and groom should have a large font and clearly visible on the first page of invitation.
  2. The date and time of all the functions should be mentioned clearly along with name of each function.
  3. Venue of the marriage and other functions should be accurate so that guests do not have any problem in finding the venue.
  4. It is considered a good practice to include the names of parents and other close relatives in the Shaadi invite.
  5. If you are creating a wedding card for Hindu wedding then you should include a Ganesh image at the top of the Hindi marriage card. It is considered auspicious among Hindus to worship Ganesh ji before the beginning of any new event. You can also include the text – “श्री  गणेशाय  नमः”.
  6. At the end of the Hindi invitation card alsways include list of family members who would like to welcome the guests to the wedding. You can include wordings such as – दर्शनाभिलाषी, स्वागतकर्ता, बाल मनुहार.

Wedding card matter in Hindi

If you are creating a wedding card then the wording of the invitation is very important. We have shown below a sample Hindi wedding card design with the complete matter written in Hindi.

As you can see from the above Hindi shadi card format, there are 4 pages in the Hindi invite. Each page has its own wording. Let us discuss the wordings in each page:- 

Hindi wedding card matter in Page 1

On the page 1 of shadi card the names of bride and groom are included. The wording can be in the format – 

“युवराज संग आयुषी”

You can also include dates of the wedding on the first page to give the guests a quick overview of the marriage date. In our Hindi wedding card maker we have included few shadi card designs to include dates in the first page.

Hindi Invitation card matter in Page 2

The second page of wedding card include the names of bride and groom along with their parents names. This page includes the most wordings in the whole shadi invitation so, pay close attention to this page :-

परमेश्वर की अत्यंत कृपा से 20 जनवरी 2022 को

युवराज (पुत्र राजेश गर्ग और सविता गर्ग )


आयुषी (पुत्री राजेश गर्ग और सविता गर्ग )

के मंगल परिणय सूत्र बंधन की शुभ बेला पर आपकी उपस्थिति प्रार्थनीय है

This page includes the main shadi card matter to invite the guests to the wedding.

Hindi wedding card matter in Page 3

The page 3 of Hindi wedding invitation include the list of functions, date & time and the venue details. In our shadi card sample we have included just the details of wedding day, but other function details can also be included such as tilak, haldi, sangeet, reception etc.


9 दिसंबर 2022, गुरुवार

बारात…………………..शाम 7 बजे

रात्रि भोज………………….रात 9 बजे


गणेश शंकर होटल,

गांधी रोड, ब्लॉक 10,


Hindi Marriage card matter in page 4

The last page of Hindi wedding card include list of family member names who would like to invite the guests to the wedding. It can also include Bal Manuhar if there are children in the family :-


आशीष गर्ग

हेमलता गर्ग

विनय अग्रवाल

तृप्ति अग्रवाल

निशा गर्ग

It is also advisable to include contact details at the bottom of the card.

Digital Wedding card in Hindi

The world of weddings is witnessing a fascinating fusion of tradition and technology, especially when it comes to wedding invitations. Digital Hindi wedding invitation cards have emerged as a unique and innovative way to invite guests to partake in the celebration of love.

Digital wedding invitations have become popular because of their efficiency, eco-friendliness, and the scope they provide for personalization. Hindi wedding cards, known for their intricate designs and cultural richness, have seamlessly transitioned into the digital landscape.

Advantages of Digital Hindi Wedding Invitations

  1. Eco-Friendly Approach: By opting for Hindi E invitation, you can reduce paper waste, which aligns with environmentally friendly practices.
  2. Instant Delivery: Digital Hindi wedding invitation can be shared instantly with your guests and relatives in few seconds. You can share them on WhatsApp, Facebook, Email etc.
  3. Interactive Elements: Digital invitations allow for interactive features like RSVP buttons, music, videos, and links to event details, enhancing the overall guest experience.
  4. Cost-Effective: Printing, envelope, and postage costs can quickly add up for traditional invitations. Digital Hindi wedding invitations cost very less and also they have no transportation cost.
  5. Personalization: Include your unique story, photos, and cultural elements into your invitation design, creating an amazing and memorable experience for your guests.

Digital Hindi wedding invitation cards are a beautiful blend of tradition and technology, offering the best of both worlds to couples who want to share their special day in a memorable and convenient way.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Ques 1: How to create Marriage card in Hindi?

Answer: Select one of the invitation template design and pay for the template. After payment is confirmed we will send you a form to fill the wedding invitation details in Hindi. Then we will email you the PDF and images of your amazing Hindi invitaiton card within 2 days.

Ques 2: What is marriage invitation E card?

Answer: A Hindi wedding invitation E card is similar to physical paper invitation card, only difference is that E card is shared in PDF or image format online with your friends and family. Whereas, paper invitation card is handed over physically to your friends and family.

Ques 3: My Payment Did Not Go Through. What should I Do?

Answer: Email us at with the payment details and the template. We will check and respond back as soon as possible.

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