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How to make Marriage Biodata

Our free marriage biodata maker can be used to create biodata for marriage in just two steps:-

  1. Enter important details such as name, age, education, parents details, occupation, education, about me, mobile, email, address, height, birth place, birth time, gotra, brother/sister details, parents details etc. in the biodata form given above. Now submit the form details by clicking on “Create Biodata” button.
  2. A new page will open, which will have many marriage biodata templates pre-filled with your details. Now click on the download button to get any marriage biodata free.

Our free biodata maker is specially designed according to Indian culture. If you are having difficulty in using our marriage biodata maker then you can also view the video shared at the end of this page which shows the step by step method.

What is Marriage Biodata?

A marriage biodata is a document that contains the basic information of the girl or boy looking to get married. This document can be paper format, PDF format or image format.

The length of the biodata depends on the details included. Generally the marriage biodata is of single page, containing photo of boy or girl.

Marriage Biodata Templates

We have a number of marriage biodata templates to choose from. These biodata formats have been pre-designed for your ease, with all the necessary details included. The details entered by you will remain safe with us and will never be shared with anyone.

Our free marriage biodata formats can be used for Hindu girl or boy, Muslim girl or boy, Christian boy or girl etc.

Some of the sample marriage biodata templates are shown below :-

Features of marriage biodata maker at ShaadiVibes

People love our marriage biodata. We have listed below some features of our free marriage biodata maker :-

  1. We take privacy very seriously. We do not keep your personal information stored in our server. We delete this data within 2 days. Also, we never share your personal information with anyone.
  2. Our online biodata maker helps you to list key details of yourself and your family which can help you find the perfect life partner.
  3. Download the biodata in PDF format, which is the most popular format to create biodata for marriage.
  4. Our marriage biodata maker is easy to use. Just fill the form with necessary details, select a biodata format and download the biodata.
  5. All the important details are included in the biodata format to find a perfect match.
  6. Option to upload photo in the biodata is also included.
  7. Our marriage biodata is compatible with all devices such as mobile, laptop and tablet.
  8. Our biodata maker is free to use and download.

So, you should leave all the worries behind and trust us to create your perfect marriage biodata.

Why you should make marriage biodata?

A marriage biodata has become an essential part of any arrange marriage in India. Let us look at some of the reasons of increased importance of marriage biodata :-

Easy to share Details

A marriage biodata is the best way to share the important details of boy or girl briefly. Anyone looking to find a suitable match for marriage should create a marriage biodata. It helps to find out if the other girl or boy is compatible with you, to spend the life.

Send Details over long Distances

In India arrange marriage is quiet popular. In arrange marriage the families of boy and girl meet each other to discuss the compatibility of marriage. Physical meeting might not be possible immediately, so biodata provides a quick way to get check the compatibility even for long distances.

Reach more Partners in few Seconds

In todays digital world, wedding biodata provides the fastest way to send your matrimony details to any part of the world in few seconds. It helps to send your details to more potential matches in a click of button. You can also upload your biodata on matrimonial sites to reach thousands of individuals.

Fast delivery of biodata

Biodata helps to Evaluate Compatibility

A marriage biodata can help to assess the compatibility of the potential matches based on a number of factors such as education, career, hobbies, horoscope, family, physical traits, religion etc. This helps to ensure that the other individual aligns with your expectations and your family’s. 

Marriage biodata format

Marriage biodata can be created in a different formats such as PDF, Word and image format. But, the most popular format according to latest trends is PDF format. This is because PDF format for marriage biodata is easy to share and accessible across all kinds of devices such as Laptop, Mobile, Tablet etc.

Our matrimonial biodata format is designed to contain all the basic information required for wedding. It is said that ‘First impression is the last impression’. Since biodata is the first way of communication between a boy and girl, so it should look attractive and all the information should be correct.

A marriage biodata can be divided in 3 parts – personal details, family details and contact details. These parts can be sub-divided in following details of boy or girl :-

  1. Name
  2. Age
  3. Height
  4. Birth place
  5. Education
  6. Occupation
  7. Father Name
  8. Mother Name
  9. Father and mother occupations
  10. Brother/Sisters
  11. Address
  12. Email
  13. Mobile number
Some other optional details can also be included such as Gotra, Birth Time, Manglik status, About me, Partner Preference, Grandparents details, Mama-Mami, Chacha-Chachi, Tauji-Taiji, Uncle-Aunt etc.

If you are creating a Hindu marriage biodata then you should have a Ganesh ji at the top of biodata. Since, it is considered auspicious to include Lord Ganesh before the beginning of an new task in Hindu religion. Our marriage biodata format includes Ganesh ji to make the journey of soulmate search auspicious.

If you want to include your own fields and religious symbols in biodata, then you can create a custom biodata using our marriage biodata in Word format. You can download the biodata in Word format and edit the biodata format on your laptop or computer using Microsoft Word software.

Language of Marriage Biodata

Language of marriage biodata should be chosen very carefully. English is one of the most popular language to create marriage biodata because it is globally understandable.

 At ShaadiVibes, we have biodata in many different Indian languages. You can create marriage biodata in your native language. It will help you to connect with the people of your own community and culture easily. This will in turn improve your chances to find your life partner faster.

Biodata in different languages

Our free marriage biodata maker helps you to create marriage biodata in English language but you can also create matrimony biodata in many other Indian languages. Some of the languages in which you can create matrimony biodata are:-

You can download the matrimony biodata in above languages in PDF format directly by entering the details in respective language, or you can download in Word format and edit it on your own computer, mobile or laptop.

Marriage Biodata in different Communities

India is a country where people of different religions and cultures live together in peace and harmony. Each community has its customs and rituals, so the marriage details also differ for each community.

The marriage resume can be created online for different communities of India such as AgarwalGupta, HinduMaheshwariMuslimBrahminGujarati, Parsi,  Marwari, Jain, Punjabi etc. Our free marriage biodata format is suitable for all the communities and religion in India or outside India.

Our biodata format provides a wide range of options. You can skip non-mandatory fields in accordance to your culture and customs. However, few fields such as Name, date of birth, education etc are mandatory, since they will be used in all the cultures.

You can also create a beautiful wedding invitation card online at – Wedding E invitation maker.

Photo in Marriage Biodata

You can create marriage biodata with photo or without photo. It depends upon your personal preference whether you want to include photo in your marriage biodata or not. Below we have discussed in detail the significance of each option.

Marriage Biodata Without Photo

If you choose not to include photo in your bio data then you may have to share the photo separately. It will be good not to include photograph in your marriage bio data because in biodata the size of photo is very small and it will not look attractive.

Also, the photo gets blur when shared inside the marriage bio data. So it is better to share 4-5 clear pictures of yourself when sharing biodata.

On the other hand if you share the full size photo separately then it will be more attractive and lead to more acceptances. Sample of marriage biodata template without photo :

Marriage biodata without photo

Marriage Biodata With Photo

A marriage biodata with photo looks attractive and increase your chances of finding better matches. If you include photo in your biodata then make sure it has right dimensions and it does not get streched.

Sample marriage biodata format with photo :-

Marriage biodata with photo

Height in Marriage biodata

Height is an important aspect of personal details in marriage biodata. It should be accurate and in right format. Height can be present in marriage biodata in cm, feet or inches. But the most popular height format in India is feet.

You can convert cm to feet or feet to cm easily using below conversions:-

Convert cm to feet

You an convert height from cm to feet using below conversion :-

1 cm = 0.0328 foot (approx.)

Just multiply the your height in cm with 0.0328 to get height in ft.

Convert feet to cm

You an convert height from feet to cm using below conversion :-

1 foot = 30.48 cm (approx.)

Just multiply the your height in ft with 30.48 to get height in cm.

How to share biodata for marriage?

To share bio data for marriage you must first create marriage biodata in PDF or image format. These two formats can be opened on any device such as mobile, tablet, laptop etc. After creation of biodata, it can shared in the following ways :-

Send marriage biodata on WhatsApp

The most popular way to share biodata is through WhatsApp. You can send the marriage biodata over WhatsApp chat to your relatives, family members or other people to find the perfect match for you.

If you have a smartphone then WhatsApp is the best way to share marriage biodata of girl or boy.

Email your biodata for marriage

Another option to share your bio data with boy or girl is over the email. You can send marriage biodata on the email of your matches to find your better half. However, be careful to enter the correct email.

Biodata share over email

Share marriage biodata on Facebook

On Facebook you have two options to share your marriage biodata :-

  1. You can send biodata through Facebook chat or Messenger. You must be very careful while sharing the biodata on Facebook and should do thorough enquiry before sharing it with some stranger.
  2. There are many matrimony Facebook groups on which people share the biodata for marriage. These groups have thousands of members searching for their soulmate.

The best marriage biodata format to share on Facebook is through image format. Image can be in png, jpg/jpeg etc extensions

Sections in Marriage Biodata

A marriage biodata should be created carefully to create the best impression on your potential matches. Each biodata is divided in different sections and sub-sections. We have included each of the below sections in our biodata form. Let us discuss each part of marriage biodata in detail :-

Personal Information

The first section that needs to be filled is Personal Information. This section includes important details about the person seeking marriage, such as their full name, date of birth, and gender.

Marriage Biodata Personal details

Full Name

The full name of the person should be mentioned in this sub-section. It is important to include first name, middle name, and last name, and any other names that the person may have used in the past. This information helps avoid any confusion in future.

Example :- Mahima Bajpai, Tarun Kumar Gupta, Akhilesh Singh.

Date of Birth

The date of birth is another important piece of information that should be included in this personal details . It helps to determine the age of the person and should be mentioned accurately. Instead of Date of Birth you can just mention the age also.

Example :- 28/02/1992, 13/5/1999

Education or Qualification in biodata for marriage

Education is one of the most important factors that people consider for marriage. It is important to provide accurate information about one’s educational background. You can mention name of the degree or the highest qualification achieved.

Education in marriage biodata

If the education is gained from some highly reputed institution such as IIT, IIM etc. then, it should also be mentioned. This information can help to create a positive impression and demonstrate the individual’s potential.

Example :- B.Com, Btech (IIT Kanpur).

Professional Experience

In addition to education, professional experience is another important factor that people consider when selecting a suitable partner. It is important to provide correct information about the work experience, including the job title and company name in biodata.

Professional qualification of boy or girl

It is often seen that many boys and girls also include their earning details in the biodata. You can mention earning range in the given way – 3-4 lpa or 10-12 lpa.

Example :- Software Developer, Banking Professional.


Height is an important physical attribute that people consider while looking for a partner. It is often a preference, and some people have a specific height range in mind. It is important to note that height is not something that can be changed, so it is essential to be honest about it. The height can be mentioned in inches or feet. We have detailed information on height.

Example :- 5’10, 5’2″, 5 feet 2 inches.

height in biodata

Time of Birth

Time of birth is important information in many cultures of India, since it helps in matching Kundli or horoscope of the boy and girl. So it is should be accurate to the minute.

Example :- 12:30 pm, 8:00 am.


Weight is another physical attribute that people consider while looking for a partner. It is important to maintain a healthy weight for overall well-being, and it is also important to be honest about it. People have different preferences when it comes to weight, and it is important to find someone who accepts and appreciates you for who you are.

Example :- 68 Kg, 70 kg.


The complexion information is optional. It can be included in the biodata for girl or boy to indicate the colour of skin. The possible terms that can be used for complexion are fair, brown, very fair, dark etc.

Hobbies and Interests

When it comes to marriage biodata, hobbies and interests are an important section to include. This section provides insight into a person’s personality and what they enjoy doing in their free time.

Some popular hobbies that people often include in their biodata include reading, writing, traveling, and cooking. These hobbies show that the person is intellectually curious, enjoys exploring new places, and has a creative side.

Hobbies in marriage biodata

Other hobbies that may be included in a biodata are sports, music, and art. These hobbies show that the person is physically active, has an appreciation for the arts, and enjoys expressing themselves through various mediums.

In addition to hobbies, interests can also be included in this section. Interests can range from volunteering and community service to political activism and environmentalism. These interests show that the person is passionate about making a difference in the world and cares about social issues.

Contact Information

Contact information is important and should be included in marriage biodata. It is the way by which potential matches can contact each other.

contact details

Email Address

It is a good practice to include the email address in marriage biodata. It creates an alternate means of communication between both families. Also, it increases the authenticity of the biodata.

Biodata share over email

Mobile Number

Mobile number is the primary means of communication between boy and girl. Mobile number should be included in every marriage biodata. It is best to include the number that is available on WhatsApp also.

Residential Address

Home address should be included in the biodata. You can either include complete address or partial address. Address is essential for the potential partner to know where the person lives and to plan future meetings. It is also important to ensure that the address is updated and correct.

Example :- Sarojani Nagar, Noida.

Family Details

Family details should be included in marriage biodata so that the potential partner can know about the parents, siblings, their occupations and other relatives information.

Marriage Biodata Family details

Parents Details

The marriage biodata typically includes information about the boy’s or girl’s parents. This section provides details about the parents of the person looking for a marriage proposal. The following information is usually provided:

  • Father’s full name, occupation, and current status
  • Mother’s full name, occupation, and current status

Parents information in biodata

Parents name Example :- Ajay Singh. Nirmala Singh.

Parents Occupation example :- Financial Professional, Housemaker.

Siblings Details

The biodata for marriage also includes details about the siblings of the person looking for a marriage proposal. The following details can be mentioned writing sibling details :-

  • Names and ages of siblings
  • Educational qualifications and occupation of siblings
  • Marital status of siblings

It is important to provide accurate information about the siblings to help potential partners understand the family background of the person looking for a marriage proposal.

In our marriage biodata maker we have included details for brother and sister in different sub-section.

About Me

The About Me section in biodata for marriage includes a short description about yourself. It can include your behavior, beliefs, life goals etc.

It is important to have a clear understanding of one’s life goals and aspirations. This section will help potential partners understand what the person is looking for in life and what their future plans are.

About me sample in Biodata

Some people may have specific career goals that they want to achieve, while others may have personal goals such as traveling or starting a family. It is important to discuss these goals with a potential partner to ensure that they are on the same page and share similar aspirations.

In addition to discussing individual goals, it is also important to discuss shared goals as a couple. This could include financial goals, such as saving for a down payment on a house, or personal goals such as pursuing a hobby together.

It is important to note that goals and aspirations can change over time, and it is important to have open and honest communication with a partner about any changes or updates to these goals.

Customer Reviews

People love our marriage biodata. They have left wonderful reviews for our website. Some of the reviews are listed below.

Thanks, marriage biodata helped in getting more responses.

Rohan Agarwal

Great design and top class service. Thanks for providing multiple edits as per request.

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You have easy process to create marriage biodata. The biodata contains all the information and has beautiful borders.

Ajinder Singh

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • 1. Can I get refund after delivery?

    If we have delivered the biodata then we cannot refund the amount. However, if the biodata cannot be delivered due to some issues then the amount will be refunded.

  • 2. How do I create a biodata for marriage?

    It can be created using online tools or using MS Word. If you have good editing skills then you can use MS Word. Otherwise, you can use our free biodata maker to create the marriage resume. 

  • 3. Can I edit my biodata after delivery?

    Yes, after we have emailed you the biodata, you can request 1 free edit in the biodata within 24 hrs. Email us the changes required in biodata at -

  • 4. Are my personal details safe?

    Absolutely, all your personal details are safe. We never share your data with anyone and delete any personal within 2 days. Our website uses SSL for enhanced security.

  • 5. When will I get the biodata?

    You will be able to download biodata for marriage instantly. As soon as you submit the biodata details, you will be able to download the  marriage biodata.

Video steps to create Marriage Biodata

You can take help of the below video to create marriage biodata in step by step method.

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