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Create wedding e invitation card for your Rajasthani wedding and share it with your relatives and friends on WhatsApp, Facebook etc. Choose a beautiful wedding invitation template to create the E invite for the bride and groom.

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Wedding invitation card Ganesh ji – 4 pages
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Golden wedding invitation card – 2 pages
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Elite Wedding invitation card in English – 5 pages
Golden wedding invitation card – 4 pages
Classic wedding invitation card – 4 pages
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Video Wedding Invitation Card- Classic
Video Wedding Invitation Card Royal
Majestic wedding invitation card – 5 pages
Grand wedding invitation card – 4 pages
Royal wedding invitation card – 4 pages
Floret wedding invitation card – 4 pages
Exquisite wedding invitation card – 4 pages
Floral wedding invitation card – 4 pages

Rajasthani shadi Invitation Card

A Rajasthani wedding invitation card is a card that is used to invite people to attend a wedding ceremony. It generally includes the date and time of the wedding, and may also include other details such as the venue, dress code, and any additional information. Rajasthani wedding invitation card can be created for Rajput, Marwari, Baniya, Barmer etc communities.

There are many types of Rajasthani wedding e invitation cards available in the market. Some are plain while others have complicated artwork on them. There are some that use traditional Indian designs while others use modern designs with vibrant colors. Our wedding e invite templates are unique and attractive which include all the necessary information related to wedding.

You can also create Ring Ceremony card and Roka invitation card for Rajasthani pre-wedding ceremonies.

Our Rajasthani invitation e card maker helps you create e invite in the easiest way possible and at affordable rates. Just enter the important invitation details, select a card template, pay for the e invite and you will be sent the wedding invitation PDF on your email within 2 days. This marriage invitation card PDF can be shared with your family and friends on WhatsApp, Email, Facebook etc.

Rajasthani wedding card template

The wedding templates given above can be used for Rajasthani marriages. The Rajasthani Wedding invitation templates can be used for Rajput, Marwari, Bania, Jat etc communities. You can also create wedding invite in Hindi language. Create Brahmin and Jain wedding invitations with our beautiful templates.

Rajasthani wedding invitation cards are used to invite guests to the wedding. The front of the card typically features the names of the bride and groom, the second page consists of family details, third page consists of wedding time and venue details. This page may also include list of other wedding events such as tilak, sangeet, mehndi, reception, engagement party, pre-wedding party etc.

We have shortlisted some of the best sarees for marriage functions and safa for barati. The saree is available to buy in red and green colors also.

Why create a E invite for Wedding

A wedding e invite is used to invite guests to the marriage. Traditionally physical invitations were sent but now there is new trend to share a e invite for wedding. It helps to deliver the wedding details to family and friends faster and in eco-friendly way. Use our online Rajasthani wedding invitation maker to create beautiful and unique e invites.

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A E invite is similar to physical paper invitation card, only difference is that E invite is shared in PDF or image format online with your friends and family. Whereas, paper invitation card is handed over physically to your friends and family.

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