What should boys wear when meeting for Arranged marriage?

Arranged marriage is very popular in India. During arranged marriage the meeting of both sides parents, boy and girl is very crucial. So, it is very important for both boys and girls to choose their outfit very carefully for this meeting. In this article we will discuss the best clothing options for boys during arranged marriage meeting.

In arranged marriage families of boy and girl exchange biodata. If they find the biodata suitable then they decide to meet each other. The boy and girl talk to each other during this meeting and discuss their goals, hobbies, likes/dislikes etc. If everything goes well then the marriage is fixed.

Let us look at some of the popular and appropriate options for boys to wear during the marriage meeting:-

Formal Plain Shirts

On meeting the girl’s parents, a formal plain shirt will make a great first impression. Boys look handsome and responsible in plain shirts. Some of the best options that you can try are :-

Check Shirts

Check shirts are also a great option for boys. These shirts do not look too formal and come in large variety of designs and patterns. Some of the best options for the arranged marriage meeting can be :-


Trousers and pants are the best option to wear with formal shirts. Trousers are loved by all and are also very comfortable. Boys will look smarter and more handsome in trousers. Some of the best options can be :-


Jeans can be good option if you don’t want to be too formal. You can wear plain jeans with the shirt of your choice. Avoid wearing jeans with too much design or any writings on it. You can try the below few options :-


Formal shoes are the best choice when meeting for arranged marriage. Formal shoes looks smarter and make you feel more confident. Also, formal shoes goes best with formal shirts and trousers. But, if you are wearing jeans then you should go with casual shoes.

Some of the best options for shoes can be:-


Boys must wear a watch when going for important events. A watch makes the men look more confident, smart and responsible person. Watch is also a symbol of punctuality and sincerity. A perfect watch would make a great first impression of the girl and her family.

You can choose a perfect watch from the below options :-