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Create beautiful wedding website to make your marriage memorable. You can also customize your website according to your interest.

Why create a Wedding Website

In today’s digital world a wedding website has become essential. It helps in reaching more relatives and friends faster. You can display your wedding dats and venue in a unique way to make your wedding a memorable one.

Choose Personalized wedding website

Personalized Floral Wedding Website for Indian Wedding

Personalized Royal Wedding Website for Indian Wedding

Sample Wedding Websites

We have created sample websites for your reference. The images added in the websites are sample images, which will be replaced by the images provided by you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A wedding website can be built by anyone – Bride, Groom, family members, friends etc. 

After payment is completed you will be required to fill a form with details such as – Bride and Groom name, photos, wedding venue and time, other events venue and time, family members names etc. 

After, we have created your beautiful wedding website, we will share the link of the website on the email provided by you. 

You can have a personal domain which will host only your wedding website. Example:-

Personal Domain wedding website –

Wedding webpage –

In ₹500 plan you will get wedding webpage link. In ₹3000/4500 plan you will get personal domain website link.

Email us at [email protected] with the payment details and plan selected. We will check and respond back as soon as possible.

To prevent any unathorized person from viewing your website, you can put a login option with username and password. Share this username and password with you family and friends, only then they can access the website.

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