Indian Wedding dates in November and December 2022 | Marriage dates 2022

Wedding is one of the most important day is any person’s life. So the wedding date should be chosen carefully. Indian wedding dates are usually set for November and December. This is because of the Indian wedding season which is typically in November and December.

Below is the list of most auspicious dates to perform marriage ceremony in the months of November and December 2022 in India. The marriage dates are according hindu panchang :-

November 2022 Wedding dates

  • 25, Nov – Friday
  • 27, Nov – Sunday
  • 28, Nov – Monday
  • 29, Nov – Tuesday

December 2022 wedding dates

  • 2, Dec – Friday
  • 7, Dec – Wednesday
  • 8, Dec – Thursday
  • 9, Dec – Friday
  • 14, Dec – Wednesday

The above marriage dates are according to best vivah mahurat in 2022 for Hindu. But before finalizing the dates you should consult with your astrologer too. The following things should also be considered before finalizing the date for marriage :-

  • Availability of wedding venue, caterers, hotel rooms etc. Since there are only limited wedding dates available so everyone will try to book the best venues within these dates. So, you should try to book hotel rooms and marriage hall as soon as possible.
  • Check with your closest family members and friends for their availability on the date. You may be heartbroken if your brother does not come to wedding. So you must check with all your close family members before booking date.

After finalizing the dates for wedding and other functions, you can create a ‘Save the Date Card’ or wedding invitation card so that all your family members can know the date of your wedding and plan accordingly. You should also include Hindi shayari for wedding invitation cards which is trending now a days.

India is a country with one of the oldest civilizations in the world. It has a rich culture and traditions that are passed on from generation to generation. One of these traditions is marriage which is considered as an important event in one’s life. Indians have their weddings on different months of the year, but there are two months that stand out from the rest – November and December.

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November and December are considered as two auspicious months for Indian weddings and there are many reasons behind it:

  • November is when Diwali, the biggest Indian festival, falls so people want to marry around this time.
  • The winter season brings about pleasant weather conditions for weddings.
  • Some people believe that if they were born in November or December then they should get married during this month.

While doing planning for wedding you should also plan for the wedding menu and songs for sangeet function.

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